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Faces of Funtoosh

Funtoosh (done for or superb) is from my vivid letter fantasies collection which reflects my humorous nature and the amusement (intricate details) I look for in the letters. I was always fascinated by decorated and ornamentals letters. Particularly the features, volatile appearance, and intricacy which indicates the formal and informal behaviour of elements composed within the letter, bringing out the hidden meaning behind the stories they were used in. I wanted to share these sentiments for decorated alphabets so I initiated theme-based lettering workshops which I conduct every month in Bangalore and Funtoosh was the part of the first workshop. To begin 2019 with lettering projects which bring joy while creating them was the goal for the workshop. When I started drawing the letters and composing the funny figures I went into the phase of creating a story from each character and eventually, ended up with the Uppercase. More to read

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