Project - Second Thoughts

Yr 2 & Yr 3, UG students work

Reimagine, Reform, Rejuvenate, Invigorate

Are we going back to business as usual? How can we look at the obvious around us—that which with familiarity is mundane and invisible--and see it again with new eyes, to understand its core, the interconnections, as well as actions and consequences. How would the world be if we reimagined and reinterpreted the historically taken-for-granted materials, communications, theories, practices and processes? The studio is the springboard to leap into new directions having engaged with what was and then reimagining what could be?

Visual Design

Yr 2, UG students work

In this studio, students will be prepared to learn and understand the Design Elements in coherence with  Design Principles and Gestalt Laws These combine classifications will act as stepping stones in the perception of a visual language to develop a concept through the layout. It will, in turn, aid them in their ability to observe and perceive ideas visually which directly leads to iterate and moderate in the process work. 

Typographic Form and its Communication

Yr 2 & Yr 3, UG students work

Typography is a unique and fascinating combination of art and science in the visual medium — the course teaches about the type and how to apply typographic principles in visual design and communication. The course is equipped with a holistic approach to working with typography across various languages. It also clarifies typography terminologies, which help to create eye-catching and impactful designs.

Letterform Design

 Yr 3, UG & PG students work

Letterform design is an immersive studio, which gives better idealistic views about type design. It highlights the professional type designs ethics and values as per type terminologies, intricate details, structure, and formation. This studio builds a conceptual understanding of how and why letterforms work when they are used to set words, sentences and paragraphs, along with offering an introduction on how to prototype letterform drawings with the help of type design software. The studio covers regional scripts along with Latin letterforms drawing and developing.


Yr 2 & Yr 3, UG students work

Letterpress engages with the process of manual printing and typesetting. It also provides a deeper understanding of the historical contexts and impact of it in the profession of typography, type design and graphic design. The studio focuses on building conceptualise design and craft artwork utilising the metal fonts, materials and processes, forms and formats, that are specific to Letterpress printing.

Experimental Typography

Yr 2 & Yr 3, UG and PG students work

Experiment typography gives a variety of approaches to explore letterforms. It examines a range of possibilities in expressive form, and connect language syntax with visual communication. The studio offers the opportunity to question the traditional meaning of a letterform and focus on an expanded abstract idea. It also encourages to explore type in unexpected ways and through unusual mediums.

Publication Design

Yr 2 & Yr 3, UG students work

​The publication design studio extends and expands skills in layout design. The process of designing a publication, as it requires deep engagement with the content and the viewer to present robust, thoughtful and informative layouts. Ability and advanced level understanding of the relationship between Colour, Form, Type, Space, as well as Hierarchy, and Structure is the core focus of this studio. It also covers design considerations for the creation of multiple page documents as well as production processes and post-production issues, including the availability of different papers for printing.

Form Function and Expression (Layout Design)

Yr 2 & Yr 3, UG students work

To understand the form as an element, which will follow with its functionality and purpose with print. The studio focuses on to build awareness about the different aspect of layout, which will include grid, typography, imaginary, and composition. Ability to apply principles of Gestalt, Grid Systems, Perception and Cognition. Semiotics to create an informative yet imaginative piece of communication along with understanding materials and processes, forms & formats, and their impact on the design.

Calligraphy – Form, Technique and Design

Yr 2 & 3 UG student work

Explore calligraphy as a creative and artistic interpretation of hand-writing. Practice the art of forming language symbols by hand and arranging them in aesthetic and meaningful ways. Position and inscribe words to reflect integrity, harmony, ancestry, rhythm and creative expression. Work with traditional as well as contemporary techniques and tools, and investigate different styles of calligraphy to develop personal and customized visual forms.

Production Processes for Print

Yr 2 & 3 Ug students work

Engage with print and production processes and techniques for a variety of print-based communication mediums prevalent in the graphic design, publishing and advertising industry today. Identify an appropriate production process, a suitable substrate and then generate error-free, print-ready documents. Gain an understanding of the intricacies of print-production and post-printing processes through visits to local paper, printing and finishing industries.