Hands-on workshops on Devanagari letterforms and letter development with texture, patterns and mode. The workshop intends to provide clarity to draw Devanagari letters. It focuses on the understanding of Indic script, and students will learn the diversity of it. The final installation will be one of the features of this workshop.



Sign walk workshop was conducted at Lowerparel one of the busiest suburbs of Mumbai. We did a two-hour walk spotting the old and new hand-painted signs. Mostly it was Devanagari script along with Marathi. Because it was a trader street we spotted a lot of colourful signs with different letterforms with shadows, patterns and effects. After that the students transformed their favourite signs characters into their own letterforms, the workshop also followed with some lettering techniques,  letter transfer technique, and shadow development. The goal of the workshop was to create letters from the environment and learn the art of hand paint signs crafted without any technologies in good old days.



Type talk at International Institute of Fashion Design- Ahmedabad. The talk was designed for fashion design students about how to integrate type and typography into their designs. It focused on the historical elements like art and architecture including different era, eg. Victorian, and Roman. The style of Victorian letters gave a good fashion exposure to the students, as one can see from the images that some ornamental types were transformed into fashion illustrations.
The talk opened up many ideas related to the stylistic approach to design clothes. Later The it was followed with some calligraphic expression of illustrations and letters to make them understand the relation in more wider sense.