Hello. I’m Zenab. 

I conduct workshops on Lettering; Calligraphy; Letterform Design and Typography. I organise Sign Walks, restore old hand-painted Signs by converting them into Digital. I'm currently involved in rebuilding and refurbishing the 1980's Golber Roller press and investigating in Kannada Metal font printed in earlier publications. As for I do Type talks and share Type stories. 

I hold an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, United Kingdom, where I have gained understanding and knowledge in designing and developing Latin and Non-Latin Typefaces, within the historical context. Formerly a BA in Visual Communication Design from Swinburne University, Australia where I have strengthened my skills on Typography and Publication Design. 

My Practice

I work as a typography/ design lecturer at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Previously, I was a production assistant at UNSW, creative consultant at FujiXerox. As a facilitator, I have assisted TypeCamp, and curated calligraphy workshops with Workshop Australia, before that as a senior visualiser at Positive Art and Ideas. Lastly, over the years, I've worked on Corporate design projects overly on Branding, Presentations, Publications, Design Templates and Environmental Graphics.

Published Article : Faces of Funtoosh http://www.alphabettes.org/author/zenbast/