Rangeen typeface

Master's project 2016

Rangeen is a multi-script palette construct of three scripts: Latin, Greek, and Gujarati. These three scripts can be used alone or blended with one another in a harmonious way. Each one shares its distinct features through texture, contrast, and shape. These scripts has been envisioned as a peculiar approach to the question of the relationship between different writing system. Each of the three script that make up Rangeen is as visually differentiated as possible.  I have tried to establish an optical continuity between these scripts so each one can express at the best its own characteristic.


Ambergau and Ausonius

Revival of 1472

This design was born during a four-day workshop entitled “What is a revival?”. The group assignment was composed of an analysis of two 1472 Venetian models – from before the “fixing” of Latin typographic models by Jenson – and the development of a revival typeface with a presentation of the results. This involved finding a balance between the preservation of the paragraph atmosphere and making sensitive design decisions informed by critical analysis of visual details. The overall design of Ambergau and Ausonius is generous in proportions and distinctive in character. It is designed for continuous and reflective reading of surreal literature, ranging from “Alice in Wonderland” to “Kafka on the Shore”. The design contains two styles that differ in their atmospheric values.
Together they contribute to a pleasurable and immersive reading experience.



This was a freelance typeface design project for a gov. sports center in India. 
Athletica is a humanist sans for display texts: it's slightly condensed with a generous x-height with short ascenders and descenders; the proportions are economical in both height & width to maintain the elegant look and legible at the same time, with alot of rhythm at large sizes.